Russ and Denise Gregg
Armada, Michigan

DeRuss Havanese
Our puppies have gone to wonderful homes
Peaches is now a member of the Simonich Family and her call name is Paisley.  They also now have Pippa who is a litter mate to Paisley.
Autumn moved to Ohio with Lois and Dale and her new call name is Gracie.
Hunter is now named Milo.  Linda has 2 beautiful daughters that love him to pieces.  Milo's new home is in Toronto, Canada
Meet Lacy who is now living in Auburn, MI where Tom and Debby will make her very happy.
Thunder is now called Toby and he is a new member of the Kelly Family.
Puddles went to New Jersey to be a part of the Volpi Family and his call name is now Jiggs.
Snowie is now named Chloe and living close by in Shelby Township with Jim and Gina.
Elfie is now called Alfie and living in Ann Arbor with the van der Velde family.
Angel, Tom and Trinity couldn't resist and took two boys home.  Sleigh is now Chewy and PAWS is Trooper.  
Ernie went to live with the Trotter family in Toronto now named Pepe.
Robbie is now named Leo and lives in Toronto with the Kalbfleisch family.
Bandit aka Chip lives nearby in Rochester with the Federspiel's and goes to work with them and learning accounting.
Jason is now called PJ or Peanut.  This was a birthday gift for Dana's daughter Angelica.  Lucky girl!
The O'Donovan's renamed Jim-Bob to Rowdy.  He will lead the life of luxury on a big boat.
Sweet Benjamin moved to Maryland.  
Erin moved to Ohio with the Whitman's and her new call name is Rosy.
Tony came from Grand Rapids to pick out Joseph.  Not sure yet what his call name is.
John Boy is now called Bailey and living in Flat Rock with the Budd's.
Martin didn't move far.  He is living with this lovely couple, Bill and Jean Harding from Shelby Township.  
Sinatra has a new name Merle and lives in Brighton with The Frank family.  
Bonaudo family wanted another so Betty is now Delilah.  She is a little sister to Peanut.
Bea is now called Hattie and joined The Kotcher's in St. Clair Shores.  
Estelle is now called Libby (Liberty) and lives in Sterling Heights with the Webbs.
Mary and Sam named Ryan- Joey
Laura Farmer -Lola (was Katy in A-I litter)
Heather and Brent finally got their boy.  He is named after the donut Paczki Glaze (Lionel)
Journey went to live with Bob and Nancy and will live the life of a sailor in the warmer months.